Air Conditioning In Hotels

Title 1: Industrial Air Conditioners with regard to the Hotel Industry

Title 2: What are the Benefits of Having them installed?

When expounding on air conditioners, the following points are to be noted;

- Definition

- Types .

- Benefits to the hotel industry.

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An electrical device that is designed to create and maintain a serene environment. It controls humidity, temperature, and air circulation in designated confined rooms.

These are available for both commercial and residential purposes.

Commercial air conditioning is solely for cooling large commercial spaces while residential is for homes. The main distinction between these is the amount of energy required to power them for productive use.


These are available in four types of conditioners and their positions dictate these. They include the following;

- Central

- Window

- Split

- Packaged

Central conditioners

It is convenient for use in hotels, offices, gyms, and factories. This is because of its ability to serve vast and open spaces. They are expensive to install and maintain.

Window conditioners

These are used to cool single and particular rooms. They serve small spaces best. They are slightly cheaper as compared to the central air conditioners.

Split Conditioners

These come with two parts; the outdoor and the indoor units. It cools more than one room, and they require skilled personnel to install.

Packaged conditioner

These are used to cool areas with small capacities which are less than 5 tons. Like central air conditioners, it can be used in restaurants, small hall, and homes.

Importance of industrial air conditioning in the hotel industry.

Getting access to a beautiful breeze during the summer is everyone's desire. Installation of an air conditioner provides for a comfortable and luxurious experience in the hotel. Owning these is a necessity. This is because they provide for the smooth and balanced movement of air in and out of the hotel. This ensures a fresh and clean environment as it eliminates the chances of the occurrence of pollution to your visitors. It also provides the eradication of an unpleasant smell. This is through controlling the amount of moisture in the rooms. An adequate airflow ensures the walls and floors stay dry, especially wooden floors. It gives your visitors satisfaction as well as a guarantee for value for their money.

It should be noted, however, that they require constant checks and repairs for them to provide adequate services. They are also costly to install and maintain.